Guild of Saint Barbara at Pennsic 37

Greeting good gentles,

On the Thursday July 31st at 1pm in the White Rose Camp ( B-08 ), aka the Artillery Camp. We will be hosting a meeting of the Guild of Saint Barbara, for any and all interested in Blackpowder weaponry within the SCA.

Kathryn Ramsey
Company of the White Rose

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The Other Boleyn Girl (no spoilers)

Ok, went to see this movie last night and was severly disappointed. This is a movie that is best to wait until DVD.
I love costume dramas, but there were too many cross timelines. And the Elenor Toledo gown makes an appearance on a main character. I will screen comments in case there are those that want to discuss details... But basically they took a really well written book and destoyed it.


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OK I am home and bored.... Need to work on a new wool cloak for someone... bye...

Oh yeah, I reallllly hate snow.. that is all
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